The Boonx is a Belgian-based band formed around lead singer Xavier Boone. The band was founded in Ghent in 2008 and brings a mix of pop, soul and blues. In 2012, they released their debut album 'Slowpoke' which gave the band its first airplay on several Belgian radio stations. The group was able to build up a solid reputation as a liveband, and in 2015 'Slowpoke' was followed by 'Ghostnotes'.

In 2018 the Boonx released their third album 'Facing the Music'.


Xavier Boone - Vocals
Jan Ghesquière - Electric Guitar
Stijn Wauters - Keys
Stijn Possemiers - Bass
Arne Lagatie - Drums
Maud Cosijn & Sofie Van de Velde - Backing Vocals

(Christophe Becker - Sound Engineer)